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It is with great joy that I present to you my online site
filled with a beautiful selection of contemporary and vintage jewelry to suit every taste and budget. You can shop from pages of dazzling fashion jewelry, vintage costume jewelry and sterling silver.  Discover jewelry by designers of the past and the future.

For 12 years, twice a month, I ran antique and collectible shows, but it was at those shows that I discovered the booths selling jewelry often had the largest crowds. People are just naturally attracted to glitz! I was no exception! I started collecting jewelry, myself. My jewelry collection started with 15 pieces and now I have several thousand.

I am a widow, a mother and a grandmother, loving every day of life.

Gift wrapping with a gift card is available plus we are happy to ship Internationally.

We're glad to have you browse our site and confident you will find something unique.  Don't hesitate to ask for information, We're always just an email away. Enjoy! Our hope is that your journey here leaves your jewel box and your soul filled with Bitz of Glitz! 

Thanks for shopping with us!

~ Delores